Stop Foreclosure! Short Sale Instead!!!!
If you are considering walking away from your home and mortgage consider this:
1)    Walking away hurts everybody more – your credit is permanently damaged, your neighbors suffer a reduction in their property values and you have less ability to help yourself and your loved ones in the future. 
2)      A short sale all by itself is about a 200 point hit on your credit score. The late payments and foreclosure are what really damages your credit far worse.
3)     More banks are cooperating with short sales these days and you may not need to be late on your payments to short sale, it depends on your mortgage company.
4)       A short sale is usually FREE to you!
5)     If you get your property listed on the market and the short sale does not work out you have a greater opportunity to cooperate with a deed in lieu if you decide to follow that course. 
6) A short sale provides a buyer the ability to buy much more securely; you will be helping the next home owner who will appreciate your efforts. 
7)     If you qualify for a HAFA short sale you may be entitled to $3000 of moving money! 
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