So you are thinking about selling your home…..Housing inventory is low across the nation, rates are still attractive, housing is moving  and you can finally sell! Yeah!

Now starts the hard part- who do you list your home with? In any real estate market place there are many people to choose from when considering a listing agent – unless you know someone in the business it can be boggling to try to figure out who and why to list your home with but here are a few key points:

1)      Have any of your friends or family recently sold? Referrals are always great.

2)     If you are short selling, what is that agent’s pull through rate?  This means how many of their other listings have they successfully closed escrow on without the home going into foreclosure?

3)     If you are a conventional seller you may want to consider the same question because this shows diligence and effort on behalf of the agent.

4)     Are they in good standing with the local Association of Realtors and a member? There are agents who are not members and do not have access to lock boxes  and sphere of influence marketing with their local peers plus they may not have to comply with the code of ethics which was put in place to protect the consumer.

5)     Does the agent use a photographer? Look at the photos they are posting in multiple listing and see if they would be acceptable to you verses what other agents are posting. Do they utilize video and or virtual tour media to gain more exposure? Good photos are key to getting buyers to look at your home and this is an area where you cannot afford to have a short cut.  If the agent takes their own photos are they quality and do they post numerous attractive pictures?

6)     Do they have a marketing plan in writing?

7)     Call the local title company or your lender and ask if they know this agent and or have heard positive feedback about him or her.

8)    Remember that you and your agent have to work as a team to sell your property, do you feel that this agent has your best interests in mind? Buying and selling property are two of the largest financial transactions of most people’s lives, you really need a trusted partner in this endeavor.

9)     Consider whether the agents you are considering will be handing you off to an assistant primarily or will your agent be your primary point of contact? Teams are wonderful but remember that you are hiring a trusted partner and you may or may not feel the same way about their staff.

Now de-clutter and detail that property to put your best foot forward – Happy Selling.