On January 6th a posting on Facebook, shared by the founder of a horse rescue caught my attention…..a young horse had been found in Utah so weak from malnutrition that she had literately frozen to the ground, her mother was found with her pleading for help and begging her foal to live. Animal control officers rescued the starving, freezing, neglected equine family and placed them with  Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses in Cedar City, Utah, staffed with volunteers who worked around the clock to save the tiny foal as she valiantly demonstrated her will to fight for life. Staff members and volunteers stayed with Elsa around the clock as did the Sanctuary’s pet Dingo who seemingly adopted her.

The days since this news event : http://fox13now.com/2014/01/06/she-wants-to-live/ have found myself and thousands of well wishers following the story intently, sending donations, gifts, medical supplies, sending love, praying and pulling for the little horse to survive, thrive and overcome the neglect irresponsibility of her previous owners. As I have read the comments, mantras, wishes and prayers by well wishers from all walks of life from trainers and other horse professionals to horse lovers, animal lovers and just plain compassionate individuals I have been struck by how incredible it is that one little horse could incite so many people to become so engaged in her plight and so emotionally connected to her.

Today basked in love and tender care, wrapped in the arms of one of her loving caretakers Elsa passed away, leaving her engaged fans in tears but not before  energizing the  charge to help prevent this abuse from happening to another soul in the future. The compassion shown to Elsa has taught many much and has also replenished my faith that humanity can indeed come together for a cause that does not benefit them financially but merely spiritually, even in these times of strife.

Godspeed sweet Elsa…..your fans will miss you but we all appreciate your valiant efforts despite the pain you endured, the lessons taught and the restoration you brought.